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Where pilots come to learn, share, and fly
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Come Share the Adventure

SHASTA PILOTS ASSOCIATION is a small group of local pilots and friends of aviation who have come together to experience the art and science of flight, to promote best practices to foster safety, to provide ongoing learning activities for pilots of all levels, and to help meet the aviation needs of the local community.

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News: Win Carpenter Solos!

Mega-Shasta Pilot Congratulations to Win Carpenter on the occasion of his first solo flight, done at Benton Field on Christmas Eve. CFI Bill said he did a great job, completing three full stop landings on Runway 34. "He did so well we can still use the plane," joked Woodbury.
   Win plans to use his Private Pilot 
Certificate in his business, flying to see and work with clients, and will also continue on after primary training toward an Instrument Rating and, maybe, a Commercial Certificate. Whatever his goals, Win is off to a great start. Welcome to the club, Win!


William Woodbury, CFII, MEI


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